Shirley Sutton Roach(non-registered)
Praise the Lord! I thank God for such an organization. While I am now a mature 60+ year old never imagining that homeownership would escape me in my plans in life. I stand ready and willing to offer up needed volunteer services and ability to be responsible for such a blessing from God. As a single mom never having assistance from anyone other the close family members. I find that this reference would enable to me realize one dream at least in my lifetime. Since the start in the 1980s failed for a career in corporate America along with earning a Master's degree in Liberal Arts.
Momma Hyde 10 n 5(non-registered)
God bless you all! I am hoping one day I will be able to do this with my family and volunteer my help as we'll to others as I financial prepare myself. Thank you for giving me hope.
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